The Dorval School of Ballet is run by a group of volunteers, presently parents and grandparents who decide the schedule of classes depending on the availability of the venue, their cost, the salaries paid to the teacher and pianists while maintaining a budget between monies received at registration and expenses paid out. To operate, a president, treasurer and secretary are necessary while volunteers and other membersgreatly help run various activities.

A liaison officer of the City of Dorval Leisure and Culture department supervises our operation and helps us operate the school.  The City provides us with the locale and, for the past years, has offered us free use of the Serge Nolet Auditorium for our year-end recital, which parents greatly appreciated.

Our ballet classes are held in a large, brightly lit room equipped with 4 barres, three of which are adjustable, 20 feet of fixed wall mirrors as well as 3 portable ones and, since the Summer of 2011, a low impact floor, all of the above provided, again, by the City.

A pianist accompanies classes, allowing more time to teach without changing CDs and also providing the students with live, adapted music that can be altered without notice.

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